The Gerontological Society of America’s 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting, taking place in Austin, Texas, from November 13 to 17, is a unique opportunity for supporters to be at the forefront of individuals in the field of gerontology. Active participation at the GSA Annual Scientific Meeting allows supporters to:

  • Access key thought leaders, researchers, educators and clinicians on aging, gerontology, geriatrics, and social policies
  • Reinforce domestic and international awareness
  • Showcase programs, products and services
  • Disseminate new scientific learning and best practices
  • Connect with scientific and lay media

Who Supports?

Publishers • Government Agencies • Pharmaceutical Companies • Geriatric Care Centers • Universities and Colleges • Associations and Societies • Manufacturers • Nutritional Organizations and Suppliers

Who Attends?

Like GSA’s membership, attendees at the Annual Scientific Meeting come from a wide range of professionals and disciplines in the field of gerontology, representing many countries.

Here is a breakdown of attendance at the Annual Scientific Meeting.