Opening Ceremony & Lecture

FriedLinda Fried, Columbia University
Benefiting From the Third Demographic Dividend
Adding years to our lives offers two huge opportunities: a new life stage for people globally, and the opportunity to design it for meaning and benefit to individuals, their families, and society. Key to unleashing these opportunities is investing in health so that people arrive at older age healthy and stay healthy, building new roles and responsibilities for this new life stage, and encouraging the social institutions that enable all older adults to have options that match their needs and goals. Such an approach could enable building a previously unforeseen Third Demographic Dividend, in which the assets of an aging population are brought to fruition and societies are stronger because of longer lives. Envisioning the opportunities could set goals across sectors with alignment.

JenkinsJo Ann Jenkins, AARP
Disrupt Aging
We have made tremendous progress when it comes to global aging. Yet, societies have not kept up with the advancements that science, technology, and innovation are making possible. As CEO of AARP, Jenkins believes it is time to coalesce around this progress and create a movement to disrupt aging—to change the conversation about what it means to grow older so aging can be something to look forward to, not something to fear. She talked about the need to challenge outdated beliefs so more people can choose how they want to live and age.

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